Experiencing Jesus. Simply.

Deeper connection with Jesus doesn't have to be complicated. I am passionate about helping people take steps to discover how simple it can be to experience Jesus in tangible ways.

Episode #304 - "The Intimate God, Part 1"

Listen in as Alan joins Michael John Cusick's podcast "Restoring the Soul" to explore the transformative power of experiencing God's love and the practical ways this can reshape our lives and our congregations. They will tackle some challenging issues facing the body of Christ, such as the gap between knowing God and genuinely experiencing His love. Alan will offer insights from his journey and his newest book, "The Intimate God," which offers a practical guide for encountering the God who delights in us.

A conversation with Alan.


Check out all of Alan's books below.


The Intimate God

This book offers a practical, 7 week guide to help you more fully experience God's delight in you.  



Ever wonder how you can more fully experience the Holy Spirit...without being weird? This book offers practical, Biblically rooted insights to help you grow in your relationship with the Holy Spirit.


Good News for Those Trying Harder

What if the gospel was not simply the way in to a relationship with Christ but was the pathway itself? In this book you will discover how to live in the continual freedom and joy of the gospel.  

Practical steps, deeper connection.

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The Intimate God

is out now!

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